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M Pulse RX Massage Gun

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Bright Blue
Midnight Black

The electric massage gun is such a great recent invention, and we don’t know anyone could have lived without it in the past! Electric massage guns use percussive therapy – a technique designed specially to treat soft tissue pain with pulses and vibrations directly into the muscle tissue – to help relieve pain, keep the blood flowing, and keep them in their best shape. These massage guns have also been proven to help ease the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), making it great for those who are starting to be more active than they previously were.

While the benefits of percussive therapy with an electric massage gun might be best enjoyed by athletes and those who like to get active and work out often, the feeling of the deep tissue percussion massage the massage gun provides will be soothing to anyone!

You’re using your muscles every day and constantly putting pressure on them so give them the treatment they deserve with an electric massage gun from Massage Medik!