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Massage Medik M9 3D Full Body Massage Chair

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Melt your stress away with the most luxurious massage chair on the market, the Massage Medik M9 3D Full Body Massage Chair. This zero gravity full body massage chair features our revolutionary 3D massage technology that uses specially designed rollers to give a deeper and more relaxing massage. This electric reclining massage chair reclines in a high position in order to elevate your legs and feet above your heart and relieve the stress on your spine. Purchase the M9 3D Full Body Massage Chair today to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Massage Medik Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Features:

3D Massage Results

3D massage technology is a new type of roller that allows the roller heads to protrude from the track in an effort to bring your massage to places that are typically neglected by your average chair. Since they can protrude from the track, this also allows the roller heads to massage deeper into the muscles.

Full Body Massage

Starts in your neck and shoulders and finishes at your toes for a full Shiatsu massage leaving you relaxed & rejuvenated. Provides relief in your shoulders, back, hands, arms, buttocks, hips, thighs, calves and the bottom of your feet!

Shiatsu Results

Use post-workout helps reduce muscle pain, increase growth hormone, burn fat during your training progress. Feel loose and invigorated from this deep tissue massage.

Zero Gravity Reclining

This highly reclined position takes stress off your spine and elevates your feet and legs over your heart while the chair massages your entire body.

Massage Variations

You have the choice to use many of the automated massages currently in the chair or set up a personal massage just the way you prefer.

Built In Thermal Heat Therapy System

This chair offers heat to help relax and ease you body during the massage. Turning on the heat option can help you fall further into relaxation.

User Friendly Remote Control

Your massage just the way you want it at your fingertips with the push of a button on our user friendly remote control.

36 Air Bags & Intelligent Roller System

With this kind of luxury system you will receive a massage in your legs, feet, thighs and arms helping with circulation throughout your body while the flexible smart rollers conform to your contour and shape make the massage all about you. Once you get in the chair it auto detects your height to provide the most accurate and rejuvenating massage.

Bluetooth Audio

Built-in speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, to help you really relax.

Customizable Massage

You control every aspect of your massage from what areas you would like massaged to the amount of intensity you prefer. Find what feels best to you.

Simple Easy Setup

Your new chair is almost ready to use straight out of the box. With just a small amount of setup you will start enjoying your first massage!

Platinum VIP Customer Service

Every M9 Massage Chair customer receives access to our Platinum VIP Service Team. After order this team will contact you to confirm delivery estimate.

Platinum Warranty

The Massage Medik M9 Massage chair comes with a 1 Year Platinum Warranty on all parts and malfunctions.

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your product you can send the item back for 100% refund in the first 365 Days.

FDA Registered and Approved

The Massage Medik M9 Massage Chair is FDA Registered and Approved.

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Benefits of a massage chair

Decrease Stress & Anxiety

Helps Improve Your Mood

Lower Blood Pressure

Decrease Headaches and Migraines

Decrease Pain and Tension

Helps Getting a Better Night of Sleep

Assist in Helping the Body Become More Mobile and Move Better

This list goes on and on

* Warning - If you have any pre-existing medical or other conditions we recommend you consult with your doctor before using a massage device.

The Features You Need in Your Next

Not All Massage Chairs Are The Same

How do you know what massage chair will be worth your time and hard earned money?
There are many massage chairs out there. Picking the correct chair is important, you don't want to pick a chair that is too small and not built to correctly massage in a way that provides relief, poking around and never actually massaging correctly.

There is also no reason to spend $5,000, $8,000 or more on a overpriced chair that can trick you into thinking you are getting benefits you can get with our chair.

A MassageMedik chair is priced right with all the functionality you will need in a massage chair. We offer an affordable chair that can give you a zero gravity full body massage that can be customized to your needs. This is why our chair has sold out so many times.

What is the difference between 2D & 3D Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chairs?

First, think of this like a 2-dimensional object vs a 3-dimensional object. This is how you the chair views your body. 2D is how you picture your traditional back roller massage. The massage rollers move in two dimensions, up and down from your neck to your lower back, then side to side. This basic movement is effective, relaxing and provides much of the benefits of massage. The basic 2D movements can help in alleviating back pain, easing sore muscles, to relieving stress and improving natural health and wellness.

A 3D massage feels much more like a human Massage Therapist’s caring hands rather than a 2D massage. Not only can the rollers move up and down and side to side, but they can also push out further into your back as well. These revolutionary 3D massage chairs feature this additional dimension where the rollers can push much further out to provide extra intensity to the massage. The Massage Medik M9 electric reclining massage chair offers up to 3 inches of additional intensity range, meaning the rollers can push further into your back 5 inches further than a traditional 2D massage chair. Another benefit to 3D massage is that you can also reduce the intensity to make a gentle massage. This wide range of adjustable intensity is very popular in households where more than one user will be using the chair. This is because every user can find the appropriate intensity level to be comfortable for them. This is where you can determine the best deep tissue massager in the market.

Additionally, the Massage Medik M9 3D zero gravity full body massage chair offers 3 sets of 6 rollers that massage the bottom of your feet. Aside from kneading, knocking, shiatsu, rolling, this soft 3D massage technique has the advanced shoulder grabbing massage function. This function it is more impactful thus achieving extreme relaxation. The 3D flexible massager on the chair back is retractable up to 3 inches, which can perform various actions, such as kneading, knocking, tapping, and rolling. This massage chair is designed to mimic a shiatsu massage by using over ten mixed massage functions on the neck, shoulders, back, waist to provide the relief you need. /p>

Full Body 3D Massage - From head to toes our chair will surround you in comfort by massage all areas of the body. A 3D Massager provides an additional dimension and more satisfying results. Our 3D chair has 3 groups of 6 rollers that massages the bottoms of your feet for complete massage results.

Shiatsu Massage - A true shiatsu massage will provide the best massage by accurately applying true shiatsu techniques.

Shiatsu Massage - A true shiatsu massage will provide the best massage by accurately applying true shiatsu techniques.

Pressure Air Bags - Provides compression massage, to work alongside with the several massaging techniques. Besides these techniques the Massage Medik M9 3D Chair has an advanced function shoulder grabbing massage. This kind of massage is more impactful and effective in depth sensation. It is extremely relieving.

Full Massage System - Our full massage system offers an array of massage therapies that range from flapping, knocking, rolling, grabbing, kneading and Shiatsu to fit your massage needs. Our M9 Massage Chair has 3 groups of six rollers just for your feet.

The most comfortable Zero Gravity Reclining Massage ever. Full reclining to suspend your body in a neutral position with your feet are elevated in alignment with your heart. When reclined in a zero gravity chair you experience a weightless sensation, allowing you to deeply relax and release tension. The chair accommodates several heights of people with up to 8" of leg extension/retraction.

MassageMedik Smart Massage 3D Roller System - Our rollers offer a full array of massages that contour to your shape to provide a full body massage custom to your body. The rollers can go in almost 3 inches to provide you the best results.

User Friendly Remote Control - Our remote control is easy to use making customizing the massage you want easier than ever. you can control what part of the body you want massaged along with the intensity you prefer.

Your New 3D Message Medik Chair will do Great things for your Health & Wellness

Our 3D Massage Medik chair has all of these features! You will feel relaxed from your head to your toes. The benefits you will receive from electric reclining massage chair far outweighs the upfront cost to get this magical machine!

Regular Massages Can Alleviate Several Types of Pain and Help With Stress

There are many benefits to owning a Massage Medik massage chair. You can utilize this relief on your schedule. The physical manipulation of a massage has two major effects: Increase in blood and lymph circulation. Relaxation and circulation of the soft muscle tissue, which releases nerves and deeper connective tissue.

This kind of relaxation can improve flexibility and reduce pain caused by tight muscles. The best way to see lasting results from a massage is to set up a frequent schedule which will be easy for you to follow in the ease of your own home. You will quickly see the benefits of having a frequent massage schedule that you can utilize when it's convenient for you.

Core Technology Intelligent Body Detection
Foot Roller System

Invest in Your Health & Wellbeing

Massage Therapy can provide substantial healing and pain relief for back pain problems. You will definitely experience the most health benefits from a massage when you do it regularly. Massages calm the nervous system, improves blood circulation and relieves muscle pain. It can also help with pain management. If you are in a lot of pain it is recommended that you receive a massage at least twice a week but is best to get once a day if possible.

Going to a massage therapist this often can add up quickly with a cost of $100.00 or more per visit and finding the time to fit this into our busy schedule can lead to putting our health last.

We can help you put your healthy first by providing you with a product that can meet all of your massage needs and fit into your budget. MassageMedik zero gravity full body massage chairs have so many features they can fit all your massage needs without breaking the bank!

Take Action Now its Made to Provide Relief

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Dimensions of the chair is 33"W x 64.5"L x 47.2" H - 69.2"L Reclined

Available in Black or Brown

The Order Process for our Electric Reclining Massage Chair

With a product that is nearly ready to use out of the box, it will only take a few simple steps to start relaxing once you take the first step and place your order!

Just choose the Buy Now Option on this page. This will take you through our secure checkout process. If you have any questions or need assistance in placing your order you can reach a MassageMedik care expert at (402) 807-7777

We will then begin working to get your order shipped to you within 24 business hours. Once your electric reclining massage chair has been shipped you will receive a tracking number to let you know what day your order will be delivered. When your chair is close to delivery you will receive a call from a delivery driver to coordinate delivery to your home.

You are just about ready to start relaxing. Once your product arrives, just remove from the packaging, screw in a couple of small items. Check out the video below showing Andrew quickly putting it together! Plug your chair in and your set and ready for your first massage!

We Don't Want to Turn Anyone Away!

We want you to get the relief you need. If the full cost of this zero gravity full body massage chair seems to be out of your budget, we can help. We have partnered with industry leading titans to provide convenient payment options. We offer additional flexibility with monthly payment plan through PAY TOMORROW. With approved credit you can get into your chair for as little as $65 a month.

Retail Priced Chairs: $6,999.99

When looking at these chairs in a retails setting you will see they are covering the overhead cost by upcharging the customer. Our MassageMedik chair is equal or better in quality than most of these chairs you will try. The only things you will be missing is the high price!

MASSAGE MEDIK Price: $4,999.99

How can Massagemedik offer you the same quality of a zero gravity massage chair for half the price you ask? We cut out the middle man. We do not have a retail setup with a big horse and pony show. We have a quality warehouse where we receive the product and ship straight out to our customers. Since our product is not being shuffled from warehouse to warehouse, to retail store we are able to pass these savings directly on to you the customer along with a quality chair that is almost ready to use straight out of the box!


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